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Rainy Day Dismissal – FAQ

  • What is rainy day dismissal?

Rainy day dismissal is called when we’ve determined the weather in the area is not safe to release bikers and walkers. This may include, but is not limited to, heavy rain, lightning, thunder, and/or heavy winds. A decision will be made by 3:05 pm and communicated to parents via text.

  • Why do we wait so long to call rainy day dismissal?

Unfortunately, severe weather in our area changes extremely quickly. When a rainy day dismissal is called too early, the bad weather frequently moves out of the area by dismissal time.

  • Should I call the school when there is a rainy day dismissal?

No. If you are unsure of your rainy day dismissal plan, please reach out to your teacher now to confirm. Your student’s transportation will automatically default to your prearranged “rainy day dismissal” choice. As long as your teacher knows your student’s rainy day dismissal plan, there is no need to contact the front office.

  • If I’m a biker/walker parent, can I walk up to the school?

Please utilize the carline if possible. In the event that we call a rainy day dismissal after you have already walked to the school from a nearby neighborhood, you will be able to pick up your child at the side exits.

  • Will I need my car rider sign for K-4?

Yes. ALL parents will need their car rider sign during rainy day dismissals, including 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade parents.

  • If I’m a car rider parent, can I walk up to the school?

No. For everyone’s safety, car rider parents are asked to please stay in their vehicles.

  • Should I go to the front office to get my child?

No. On rainy dismissal days, please only come to the front office in emergency situations.

  • Will rainy day dismissal take longer than normal?

Yes. We ask for your patience as we safely dismiss all students.