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David Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is very important. Every day is packed with learning and valuable instruction that cannot be reproduced at home. Please make vacation arrangements during holidays and weekends to avoid your child missing important classroom instruction.

State law requires that children miss no more than 10% (18 days) of the school year. Students that miss more than 18 days are subject to not be promoted to the next grade level. The law goes on to state that it is the parent/guardian’s duty to monitor the student’s attendance and require the student to attend school. It is important for student to remain in school until the end of each school day at 3:10 PM. unless illness has caused the child to leave earlier.


Instruction begins daily at 8:00 AM. Students that arrive at school between 8:01 AM and 8:59 AM are tardy.


State attendance is taken each day at 9:00 AM. Students arriving at school after 9:00 AM will be marked absent for that day unless they have a signed note from a healthcare professional for an appointment that morning.

If your child is going to be absent, please contact the Front Office at 281-298-4700 or send an email to Lori McCraw at Please state your child’s full name, grade, homeroom teacher, date or dates of absence, and reason for the absence.

Medical Appointment

If your child is arriving late or returning to school due to a medical appointment, please provide a healthcare provider’s note upon entering the school to ensure that your student is not marked absent or tardy for the day.