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Our School

Picture of David Vetter

David Elementary School, located in The Woodlands, is named for a little boy who touched millions of hearts around the globe without ever leaving his sterile, plastic bubble. The world knew him as David, the Bubble Boy.

David was born with a genetic immune disorder called SCID, or severe combined immune deficiency, which robbed him of any germ-fighting ability. In 1984, at the age of 12, David died after an unsuccessful bone marrow transplant that doctors had hoped would free him from his germ-free environment.

David lived with his family in the Montgomery County community of Shenandoah. Teachers from nearby Lamar Elementary and later, Wilkerson Intermediate came to his home to tutor him. He would also participate in classroom activities via a special telephone hookup.

At the 1990 dedication of David Elementary, Carol Ann Vetter Demaret spoke proudly of her son, telling a rapt audience that the school is an answering of our prayers that his spirit continues on Earth.

Her speech continues to inspire the school.

Mission Statement

The mission of David Elementary is to inspire through education, to educate toward courage, and in however humble manner, to help each child to “Touch the World”.